What can I expect?

What to expect on a typical Sunday morning at First Baptist Church Stockdale.

What is the culture like at First Baptist Church Stockdale?

The focus of our worship and teaching is the Lord and His Word. Our goal is to please God and be faithful to Scripture. Sundays at First Baptist Church Stockdale are casual and relaxed. Come as you are and expect to feel welcomed as our guest. Pastor Kevin will preach a message that is text-driven, so it may be convicting or encouraging, but it will never be watered down.

How long is a church service?

Sunday morning services are about 1-hour in length. The service begins with scripture reading, then we sing praises to the Lord. Following this portion of the service, Pastor Kevin gets up to preach. The service is usually over by noon.

What about my kids?

During our small group hour at 9:45 a.m., we have small group for your children of all ages. During the worship hour at 11:00 a.m. we have childcare available for the youngest children and children's church for your older children through 5th grade. Children begin in the worship service with you and then are dismissed to children's church during the service.

Note: The 3rd Sunday of every month children remain in the worship service with their parents. This gives our children's church volunteers a chance to rest, but it also allows for your children to begin learning more about "big church."

What if my kids are antsy during church? Pastor Kevin served as a children's pastor for several years and loves the sound of children in the service. A church with the sound of children is a church that is alive. So, join us and bring your children with you!